Holocene Distilling is more than a craft distillery - it's a project!

The concept of creating a carbon-neutral distillery on a shoestring budget has been a challenge, but if anyone is up for it, it's the stubbornly ambitious founders of Holocene Distilling Project. In 2017 Dorian Redden and Aisling Goodman turned their shared passion for art and science into the foundation that led them on their journey. What began as a dream evolved into a mission to create something uniquely meaningful for the community.

The Holocene team hand-built both the company and the distillery itself from the ground up, starting from the dregs of a basement moonshine still to the now gleaming copper of custom energy conservation systems. They then set a daring goal to establish a carbon-neutral craft distillery by 2030, symbolizing their dedication to a better future. This project is proof that dreams can be intoxicatingly delicious. Follow us on our journey...from earth to bottle, and back again

Dorian Redden


Dorian's journey began with a background in Mechanical Engineering, where he first constructed a still to reduce his increasing "water" expenses during his college days. Afterward, he dedicated eight years to refining his manufacturing expertise in the hearth industry, specializing in the design of high-end gas fireplaces. It was during this time that he sharpened his understanding of thermodynamics, a skillset that would later prove invaluable in crafting an eco-conscious distillery.

Aisling Goodman


Aisling evens out the team with her education in phytotherapy and years of experience behind bars (the fun kind). Her fascination with the evolution of herbalism throughout the ages provides inspiration for Holocene’s innovative recipes and cocktails, while her background in entrepreneurship keeps her busy with the piles of paper behind the scenes.  Always curious for new information, Aisling looks forward to welcoming you to the distillery and sharing a flight and some fun facts!